InfoEdge: Medical Billing Dashboard and Reports

AdvantEdge clients have complete visibility into the AdvantEdge billing process and results. InfoEdge makes medical billing results available “anytime, anywhere”.  As illustrated here, this HIPAA-compliant dashboard shows the results of AdvantEdge medical billing services including charges, adjustments, collections, A/R, and procedure volumes; both in summary and detail form.


The data is updated daily with “drill-down” access to detailed information by payor, provider, location, etc. and can be exported in a variety of formats. In addition, regularly scheduled reports are delivered via InfoEdge with no delays from paper distribution and no need to email HIPAA-protected information. Ad-hoc reports can also be requested via InfoEdge and will be delivered to the dashboard. The entire dashboard and reporting system conforms to federal standard NIST SP 800-52 and other relevant standards required to meet HIPAA and HITECH encryption requirements.


Following is an example of an InfoEdge medical billing summary:


Main Dashboard


The InfoEdge dashboard provides drill-downs by payor, payor type, physician, location or group. Group can be defined in any way that you wish: e.g. by specialty for a multi-specialty group. For any drill down information, the user can choose the date range and can easily export the data to Excel.



Drill-down examples are shown on the next page.


InfoEdge drill-down examples are shown here: first by payor type, then by day for a specific payor type:


Second Drilldown


In addition to payor type, other drill-down choices include provider, practice group, location of service, and payor. In all cases, the data provides visibility into trends and allows historical comparisons. The data can be exported from any screen or view.


Examples of InfoEdge reports are shown here. All regularly scheduled reports are delivered automatically to the HIPAA-secure InfoEdge portal. In addition, ad-hoc reports are delivered here and the user can upload PHI for review by AdvantEdge experts in an environment that meets all security and privacy standards.