Medical Billing Business Intelligence

InfoEdgeBI is the newest member of the AdvantEdge InfoEdge family that delivers on the AdvantEdge promise: ” information anytime, anywhere.”


Tailored for analysts and other “power users,” InfoEdgeBI extends InfoEdge reporting and dashboards to the next level. This means highly flexible and powerful reports and graphs at your fingertips. You can see:

  • The big picture
  • Payor, location, physician or business unit
  • Procedure trends and details
  • Patient level history
  • Productivity and quality metrics

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With InfoEdgeBI, clients and AdvantEdge client managers have the utmost in flexibility at their fingertips: the ability to create  customized views and reports using any and all data about the practice or hospital. The data can be highly summarized or at the most granular level.



Information can be compared across time periods, units, physicians, and much more.

Contact us today for a demonstration of how InfoEdge can provide powerful new insights for your practice: or 877 501-1611.