Office Based Neonatology Billing

Better Medical Billing Services for Neonatology Practices

AdvantEdge provides neonatology billing services, accounts receivable management services, and practice management. Advanced technology, expert staff, and rigorous workflows optimize practice revenue and cashflow. How can we help your neonatology practice?

  • Collections are below expectations.
  • Days in A/R are above 50.
  • Neonatology billing staff turnover is too high.
  • Neonatology billing software needs to be updated or replaced.


AdvantEdge helps neonatology practices solve these problems every day.

Efficient and effective Neonatology billing

ECC, EMR, Practice Management, and other office systems are linked directly to AdvantEdge billing technology. If information is on paper, AdvantEdge ScanEdge technology and workflow optimization enter data faster, with fewer errors. Software automation speeds the entire billing cycle.


You get:

  • Service to billing intervals measured in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Increased collections from more accurate and comprehensive billing—all fully compliant.
  • Reduced billing costs.
  • Fewer days in A/R.

Neonatology Billing Services (Revenue Cycle Management)

If overhead costs are climbing faster than revenue and/or staff turnover is high, AdvantEdge neonatology billing services are the answer. Call us (877-501-1611) to see how AdvantEdge neonatology billing can increase collections, reduce days outstanding in Accounts Receivable, and make your life simpler. We will design complete revenue cycle processes custom-fit to your neonatology practice. Of course, you retain control and visibility, including “anytime, anywhere” access to current practice financials with InfoEdge, the AdvantEdge web-based dashboard.

Reasons to consider AdvantEdge billing services.

Cash: AdvantEdge will collect more cash than your current staff or billing company.


Convert fixed costs into variable expenses: AdvantEdge fees vary with practice cashflow, while overheads are significantly reduced.


Physician time and focus: by hiring billing experts, neonatologists have fewer daily tasks and concerns, more time to focus on patients, and more family time!

What are YOUR medical billing challenges?


Call us today for more information or request our detailed practice review kit.

Neonatology Billing Software

Does your practice have an experienced and stable billing staff? Call us (877-501-1611) to learn how AdvantEdge neonatology billing technology will make their life simpler and more efficient. Your staff will appreciate the ease of use, automation of routine tasks, and reminders when follow-ups are required. Both of you will like the increased time, and tools, available to work on and resolve complex cases and denials. Practice owners and partners will appreciate the increase in collections, improved A/R—and costs that fit your specific neonatology practice.