Neonatology Billing Company

Are Days in A/R above 50? Are collections below what clients think they should be? Is your current billing system hard for your staff to use—and expensive? Are computer support costs too high? If you have any of these symptoms, we should talk.



AdvantEdge workflow optimization means superbill and other paper-based data is entered faster, with fewer errors. For clients with EMR, charge capture or other systems, AdvantEdge billing technology links directly to capture patient demographics, charge information, and more. And the entire workflow is designed to speed the end-to-end billing cycle. For example, updates to insurance coverage automatically update all affected claims.
You get:

  • Reduced Days in A/R—typically 10 to 14 days.
  • Increased collections—ten to forty percent—from a streamlined neonatology billing process.
  • Service to billing intervals measured in hours, not days or weeks.

Consistent Billing Company Performance

AdvantEdge medical billing technology, built on IBM’s highly reliable System i, means that the AdvantEdge billing company infrastructure performs day-in and day-out. High performance technology is combined with streamlined workflows and automation tools to speed your claims filing and to rapidly respond to industry changes.


How does AdvantEdge deliver superior results?

  • Optimized neonatology workflows submit claims electronically the same day a charge is entered and the batch verified. Payments are applied fast: electronically for carriers with automatic reconciliation and, for others, using procedures optimized for each payer.
  • Secondary claims—with electronic EOB attached—are filed the same day payments are applied from the primary payer. Denials and other payer responses are automatically queued for A/R team member follow-up. Capitation adjustments are done automatically.
  • Full electronic interfaces with all payer organizations instantly upload patient and procedure data, verify eligibility, determine specifics of coverage, submit claims, electronically adjudicate claims, negotiate electronic remittance, and achieve automated posting to line items on the original claim submission.