Date Title
February 13 2018 States Consider Individual Mandates in Place of Federal Individual Mandate
February 13 2018 Pennsylvania Senate Committee Unanimously Approves State Telemedicine Legislation
February 13 2018 Delaware Shifts Managed Medicaid Contracts to Value-Based Agreements
February 13 2018 CMS Releases Updated Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances Policy
February 13 2018 CMS to Reinstate QMB Indicator in Medicare FFS Claims Processing System
February 13 2018 Senate Budget Deal Includes Program Funding, 10 Year CHIP Extension
January 10 2018 CMS 2019 Medicare Advantage Part I Advance Notice Released
January 10 2018 CMS Launches New QPP Data Submission System for Clinicians
January 10 2018 CMS Will Not Approve Medicaid Waivers Seeking Federal DSHP Funding
January 10 2018 CMS Issues Clarification around Texting Patient Orders
January 10 2018 New CBO Estimate shows ACA Mandate Repeal Cuts CHIP Funding Costs
January 10 2018 Ohio Medicaid Expands Acupuncture to Combat Opioid Epidemic
December 14 2017 Connecticut Department of Social Services Implements New Medically Unlikely Edits Review Process
December 14 2017 FDA Approves Monthly Buprenorphine Injection for Opioid Use Disorder
December 14 2017 New York Submits Final Draft Transition Plan for the Children’s Medicaid System Transformation
December 14 2017 Pennsylvania Senate Votes to Reauthorize CHIP
December 14 2017 Wisconsin Requests Five-Year Extension of 1115 Medicaid Reform Waiver
December 14 2017 Texas Health and Human Services Commission Requests $90M in CHIP Funding
November 29 2017 Insurers Praise Medicare Advantage Alternative Payment Models Demonstration Project
November 29 2017 CMS Reinforces Rule Prohibiting Billing Dually Eligible Individuals Enrolled in Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program