Reducing GI Claim Denials in Surgery Centers

Reducing GI Claim Denials in Surgery Centers

Issue: My denials are too high.

Solution 1: Practice Financial Analysis and Benchmarking

  • How does your denial rate compare to others?
  • Can denials be reduced substantially?
  • Are denials being worked promptly?

Answer these questions and more with a Practice Assessment.

You will receive specific recommendations on denial management and the associated financial value for your practice. For example, from one recent report:

“Practice revenue can be increased by ten percent by improving the denial process ...”

Schedule time now with our medical billing experts:

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Name   Email (we will keep your email completely private)   Would you prefer email or phone follow-up? If phone, please provide the best number and time to reach you.


Solution 2: Expert medical billing services tailored for your practice or ASC

  • Does your practice need help with denials today?
  • Is cashflow being impacted severely?
  • Is your billing staff challenged by the number of denials?

Practices like yours have rapidly eliminated denial issues with AHS medical billing services (some people refer to these services as “revenue cycle management”). We can usually begin to solve problems within thirty days, with improved cashflow in 90 to 120 days.

Click here to get started today with AHS medical billing services

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My biggest billing problem is -Choose One-Collections are too lowStaff turnover is too highDenials are too highToo many days in A/RNot enough visibility and control of results
Email (we will keep your email completely private)
Other concerns and timing. When should we contact you (and what is the best way)?


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