Cardiologist Billing Service

Cardiologist Billing Service

Cardiologists provide some of the most important and complex services in medicine. While heart disease remains the nation’s largest killer, the prevalence of heart conditions means that reimbursement for cardiology procedures faces continued pressure; e.g. pre-authorization is now common for many non-emergency procedures. In addition, cardiologists are frequently “front and center” in hospital and health system acquisitions of physician practices, partly because they are likely to have a large role in a world of “accountable care.”

In this environment, cardiologists often need a coding and billing partner with specific expertise in cardiology billing. This is exactly what AdvantEdge delivers: customized, expert cardiology billing and business management solutions . The first thing that AdvantEdge clients see are consistently strong collections results with net collection rates in the mid to high 90′s and Days over 120 under 10%.

But that is only the beginning: the AdvantEdge team has a ClientFirst philosophy which delivers responsive service, personalized workflows, education and feedback and every individual focused on the group’s success.

An essential part of these cardiologist billing services is providing exactly the information required, anytime, anywhere. Dashboards, reports and business intelligence with current information for each physician and administrator are available anytime, anywhere in the HIPAA-secure AdvantEdge Analytics portal. Call us now on 877 501-1611 to arrange a demonstration.

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