Medscape Survey: Burnout High Among Radiologists

medscape survey

A recent Medscape survey found that nearly half percent (49%) of radiologists are feeling burned-out and cited a “lack of respect” from other industry professionals, such as colleagues, staff members, and administrators. These findings place the profession in the Top 10 (7th) among specialists experiencing workplace fatigue. 

Other contributing factors towards radiologists feeling burned-out include:

  • Too many hours at work (50 percent).
  • Lack of control or autonomy over one’s life (47 percent).
  • Too many bureaucratic tasks (30 percent).

The survey also found that female radiologists are having a harder time with workplace fatigue. The data notes that 65 percent of these respondents were female, compared to 44 percent male. 

In an attempt to curb fatigue, radiologists have been taking part in common tactics such as meditation or other stress-relieving techniques (26 percent), reducing hours (21 percent), changing work settings (21 percent), or speaking with administration about “productivity pressure” (13 percent). 

The online-based survey was taken by more than 13,000 physicians, including 300 radiologists, between June and September 2021.

If you are a Medscape subscriber, you can read the full report, “Medscape Radiologist Lifestyle, Happiness & Burnout Report 2022.”

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