Medical Billing News – November 2021




Fix “Holes” in Your Physician Billing

In this blog post, we describe how to fix “holes” in your physician billing. It is well known that physician billing is a complex process. Less well known are the many “holes” in the process where money can disappear. This two-part Money Matters series starts with four ways to fix “holes” in your physician billing with techniques and capabilities that plug physician billing holes and help providers collect all monies due for each service provided.  Read More

Healthcare Roundup

Healthcare | 3 min read

Will Your Payer Mix Change in 2022?

Has your payer mix changed? In 2020? In 2021? Learn more about current health insurance dynamics and the factors that can affect your payer mix in 2022. Read More

CMS | 2 min read

Medicare Final Rule for 2022: 10% Physician Billing Cut!

The 2022 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule has a 9.75% physician reimbursement cut, expansion of telehealth and updates to the Quality Payment Program / MIPS. Read More

Radiology | 2 min read

Radiology Billing 2022: Positive and Negative

Low Dose CT expansion and more PET scans are two of several positives for radiology in 2022, despite other fee reductions. Read about these, new AUC criteria and more. Read More

OON | 3 min read

No Surprises Impacts All Physicians in 2022!

The No Surprises Act requires action by every practice by Jan. 1! While OON billing is affected most, notice requirements and cost estimates for self-pay apply to all. Learn what “No Surprises” means for your practice. Read More

How to Evaluate a Medical Billing Company

For physician groups and hospitals seeking medical billing services, we describe six factors to evaluate when comparing companies.


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