Medical Billing News – December 2021




2022 Healthcare Predictions

Will 2021’s big fluctuations in patient volume continue in 2022? Can we retain/hire enough staff in 2020? How will Omicron affect us? How can we deal with cost increases? We offer our predictions for these and other key questions and describe steps practice leaders can take to be successful in an uncertain, “perfect storm” 2022. Read More

Healthcare Roundup

Healthcare | 3 min read

2022 Healthcare Workforce Predictions + Essential Actions to Take

The labor shortage has been felt throughout the healthcare industry in 2021. Learn how shortages, burnout and fundamental changes will impact 2022 – and what you can do to prepare. Read More

Cybersecurity | 3 min read

2022 Healthcare Cybersecurity Predictions + 3 Steps to Take Now

Serious 2021 security breaches in healthcare remind us how important cybersecurity is. We describe what is needed in an effective 2022 cybersecurity action plan that also improves HIPAA compliance. Read More

Surprise Billing | 3 min read

2022 Surprise Billing Predictions

Our previous No Surprises article described actions all practices need to take starting Jan 1. Now we focus on how “No Surprises” has the real potential to reduce your in-network fees. Read More

Top Blog Posts | 3 min read

Top 5 Medical Billing Posts of 2021

The No Surprises Act requires action by every practice by Jan. 1! While OON billing is affected most, notice requirements and cost estimates for self-pay apply to all. Learn what “No Surprises” means for your practice. Read More

In-house vs Medical Billing Company

In a Covid/post-Covid world, does in-house billing still work for your practice. Download our white paper to compare performance, costs, and security.


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