Florida Approves New Telehealth Law

August 2019 ~

Florida has approved a new law, HB 23, which establishes new practice standards for physicians and nonphysicians who utilizing telehealth services, video conferencing, mobile devices, and other forms of electronic communication, to provide care.

HB 23 includes language that authorizes telehealth providers to use telehealth to perform patient evaluations, authorizes telehealth providers to use telehealth to prescribe certain controlled substances under specified circumstances, establishes requirements for a contract between a health insurer and a telehealth provider, and provides registration requirements for out-of-state telehealth providers.

When compared to other state telehealth laws, HB 23 is unique in that the new rules allow out-of-state providers from around the country to cross state lines virtually and provide care to state residents.

Additionally, the bill allows providers and health insurance companies to negotiate and set reimbursement rates for virtual care and telehealth services. HB 23 requires that the telehealth provider initial any contract provision that distinguishes between payment rates or payment methodologies for services provided through telehealth and the same services provided without the use of telehealth.

HB 23 became effective as of July 1, but the reimbursement provisions will not become effective until January 1, 2020.

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