32 Organizations to Pilot CMS Accountable Health Communities Model

May 2017 ~

CMS has named 32 participants to serve as local support for linking clinical and community services in a five-year pilot program under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s (CMMI) Accountable Health Communities model.

The goal of the model is to address social needs, including food insecurity, to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

According to CMS, twelve organizations will participate in an Assistance Track, helping high-risk Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries navigate and access community services. 20 organizations will participate in an Alignment Track to encourage community-level partnerships to ensure that targeted services are available and responsive to patients’ needs.

“We know that innovation at the state and community level is essential to improve health outcomes and lower costs. In this model, we will support community-based innovation to deliver local solutions that address a broader array of health-related needs of people across the country,” said Dr. Patrick Conway, CMS Deputy Administrator for Innovation & Quality. “As a practicing pediatrician, I know the power of a model like this to help address the health and social support needs of beneficiaries, and their families and caregivers.”

The 32 organizations are spread across 193 counties in 23 states, both urban and rural, and include hospitals, universities, health departments and other local organizations.


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