Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing

Is your center’s revenue below expectations? Are administrative costs increasing too fast? Having trouble keeping skilled billing staff? If so, AdvantEdge can help. We are ASC billing experts who have helped many ASC’s just like yours achieve:

  • Increased cash collections.
  • Reduced days in A/R.
  • Lower overhead costs and improved analysis.


Ambulatory Surgery Center coding and billing requires specialized skills and knowledge. Our dedicated team of ASC experts increase collections with more complete capture of charges, faster follow-up on denials, and prompt analysis of payment patterns. Days in A/R are reduced due to faster coding and charge submission, plus prompt response to each denial. Costs are predictable and directly related to your ASC revenue. Best of all, your ASC gets a business partner whose interests are aligned with yours—at AHS, our focus for your ASC is: More Money, Faster.

ASC Billing and A/R Services (“Revenue Cycle Management”)

AdvantEdge simplifies billing for ASC’s by handling all day-to-day coding, billing, claims filing, A/R and related activities. This is all we do, so you have a team of ASC experts working every day to:

    • Code all cases focusing on accuracy, compliance, and prompt turnaround
    • Enter all charges accurately and immediately
    • Verify that each and every case performed is billed
    • Submit claims directly to carriers electronically
    • Submit secondary claims
    • Work all denials and unacceptable payments from payors
    • Post all insurance and patient payments, adjustments, time of service payments, and co-pays
    • Maintain a toll-free number for patient and client inquiries
    • Provide monthly statistics detailing financial data, case volumes, and trends

Why choose AdvantEdge for ASC billing?

AdvantEdge has deep experience in Ambulatory Surgery Center billing, with over 30 years of healthcare expertise, many years of expertise with all of the leading ASC systems, and staff with skills in ASC coding, charge entry, payment posting, reimbursement analysis, A/R management, payor relations, and compliance.
Just as important, each AHS staff member reflects our Client First philosophy with a focus on service, responsiveness, and understanding the specific needs of your ASC. Regular calls and meetings show how our performance is improving your ASC.

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