Multi-Specialty Coding and Billing Services

Multi-specialty practices served by AdvantEdge see revenue increase by at least 10% and frequently more. Net collections are 95% and higher. A combination of skilled and experienced multi-specialty medical billing specialists and powerful medical billing technology make this happen. Our first promise to you and each AdvantEdge client is “More Money, Faster.”

AdvantEdge multi-specialty billing technology links directly to hospital EMR, ADT, ECC, and other systems. If charge and/or demographic information is on paper forms, sophisticated AdvantEdge scanning and workflow optimization tools quickly capture information at your site of service and route it to our coders and charge entry experts. Additional software automation speeds the entire billing cycle after demographic and charge entry.

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Benefits for your office-based multi-specialty practice:

  • Service to billing intervals in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Increased collections: i.e. More Money, Faster
  • A reduction in fixed costs.
  • Fewer days in A/R.


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Considering a multi-specialty medical billing company? Need to replace your multi-specialty billing company?

Are you tired of rent increases and administrative overhead? Is your multi-specialty billing staff turnover high? AdvantEdge multi-specialty medical billing services are the answer. Call now (877-501-1611) to learn why AdvantEdge is the multi-specialty billing company that can increase collections, reduce days outstanding in Accounts Receivable, and simplify daily operations.


Our billing services start by designing a billing process custom-fit to your practice, focusing on the most efficient and rapid means to acquire all needed information, with quality and integrity checks built-in. At the same time, a complete review and update of credentialing (provider enrollment) information is conducted. Compliance issues and risks are highlighted and resolved throughout the process. Within thirty to ninety days, accurate bills are being sent to each of your payers and your practice is seeing daily financial and operational summaries. As claims are adjudicated, payments are posted and denials are automatically routed to the proper expert for rapid resolution. Secondary claims and patient balances are automatically billed. Outstanding balances with payers and patients are automatically analyzed daily with each exception assigned to an accounts receivable expert. An AdvantEdge client manager works with your practice throughout implementation and after; he or she is available to your practice at any time to review questions and as a practice management resource.


If your currentmulti-specialty billing company isn’t exceeding your expectations, ask us to demonstrate why AdvantEdge is different. At AdvantEdge, we pride ourselves in meeting each client’s specific needs, with consistently strong net collections and A/R performance. This “outsourced” (with all work done in the US) billing reduces your fixed costs, while you retain control and visibility, including online “any time, any where” access to your current financial performance.


AdvantEdge is a premier multi-specialty billing company. Contact us now and ask about our expertise with Medicare billing, Medicaid billing, ADT interfaces, EMR interfaces, and more. Tell us how we can create the perfect billing solution for your hospital-based multi-specialty practice.

Could your multi-specialty billing benefit from our Proven Results?


  • Collections up 10 to 50%
  • A/R days outstanding down by 7 to 14
  • Denials reduced up to 90%
  • Achieve net collections of 95-99%


  • Advanced, powerful technology and tools mean service to billing intervals in hours or days, not weeks
  • Process 98-99% of claims electronically
  • Comprehensive, real-time reporting
  • Visibility and control for your practice


  • You focus on medicine, not the “back office”
  • Lower staff and overhead costs


  • Trained, certificated, and ready to meet your unique needs.
  • Responsive service
  • Expertise
  • Confidence


  • Streamlined and fully compliant workflow means
    • Rapid, efficient claims processing
    • Fewer denials, faster denial processing
    • Automation of routine tasks
    • Reduced compliance risk


  • Solutions tailored to the specific needs of your practice
  • An extension of your practice
  • Advisor
  • Payer contract negotiations
  • Credentialing
  • Industry expert in regulations, coding, compliance

AdvantEdge Multi-specialty Billing Dashboard

All AdvantEdge multi-specialty billing clients have “anytime, anywhere” access to current financial performance for their practice. Summary information is easily accessed and understood. Details are available with “drill down” and reports are customized for delivery to your multi-specialty practice.



How AdvantEdge multi-specialty billing serves your practice:

  • Demographics capture via hospital downloads (HL7 and other)
  • Multi-specialty Charge Capture including ECC and EMR interfaces
  • Reconcile charge batches
  • Daily Electronic filing of medical claims
  • Electronic Payer Remittance (ERA)
  • Payment Posting with Daily Reconciliation
  • Flexible Patient Statements
  • Lockbox, other Banking Arrangements
  • Rapid Follow-Up with Payers, Patients
  • Denial Management
  • Expected vs. Actual Reimbursement Analysis
  • Compliance Plan and Program
  • Powerful Multi-specialty Billing System
  • Line Item Posting
  • All transactions fully journaled
  • Web-based dashboard with daily financial results/li>
  • Customized Reporting
  • Client Management Expert Assigned to each Client
  • Options for chart auditing, credentialing, payer contracting