OB/Gyn Billing Expertise

Billing for an OB/Gyn group requires very unique skills. Certainly experience and knowledge in the field is important, however knowing how to look at the big picture is critical. Recently, clinical outcomes and other quality measures are becoming crucial. Balancing the needs of all of these constituencies is not easy but that is what our skilled OB/Gyn billing experts do day-to-day.

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Our team of billers average over ten years of experience, augmented by frequent training and the medical billing industry’s best technology. Combined with SSAE-16 certified processes, you get consistent results that pass industry benchmarks.


AdvantEdge offers you personalized services. As the needs of each group and hospital are different, we design complete revenue cycle processes optimized to your practice. This affects not only the flow of information (paper and electronic) but also communications. For example, some practices like frequent communications to physicians; others want most communications on a scheduled but infrequent basis.


Reasons to Consider AdvantEdge OB/Gyn Billing Services


  • Turn fixed costs into variable expenses: AdvantEdge fees vary with your revenue while practice overheads are significantly reduced.
  • Cash: in almost all cases, AdvantEdge will collect more money than your current staff or billing company.
  • Physician time and focus: by hiring  OB/Gyn billing experts, physicians have fewer distractions, more time to focus on practice development, and more family time!

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