OB/Gyn Billing and Business Management Solutions

Is your OB/Gyn group collecting maximum dollars? Are you getting the information needed to manage your practice today and prepare for ACO’s and “pay for performance” tomorrow? With the best service?


OB/Gyn groups face unique challenges in today’s healthcare environment. The group has obligations to its patients and to its hospital partner(s). At the same time, OB/Gyn has unique needs, requirements and priorities,  particularly for coding and billing.

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At AdvantEdge, we recognize these challenges and work with the group, as a business partner, to solve them. We take pride in being more than a billing company: our OB/Gyn business management solutions enable your group to be successful now and in the future.


So whether you need assistance with a coding project today or a complex ACO reimbursement solution for tomorrow, we have the resources ready to help.

Customized OB/Gyn Billing, Coding and Practice Management Solutions

Your practice and hospital deserve a billing process tailored to your precise needs. Among many other capabilities, our solutions include:

  • AdvantEdge OB/Gyn billing technology links directly to hospital ADT, EMR, charge capture and other systems.
  • Technical capabilities to easily interface with your practice management system
  • Dictated reports can be translated directly to proper coding; where exceptions occur, our certified coders do the coding
  • Flexible processes that adapt to your workflow with special attention to when and where your staff and physicians want to be involved
  • A complete range of practice management services, if you need them
  • AdvantEdge people are available when and where you need them

Billing Performance that Matters: Results, Results, Results

You expect your billing partner to deliver strong collections, every day. The core AdvantEdge systems and operating processes have a relentless focus on this mission. Results can be seen in metrics such as Net Collections Rate (mid to high 90’s), Days in A/R (low 30’s), Days over 120 (under 10%) and Bad Debt percentage (under 3%). More important, are the results that show up in your bank account: monthly cash collected. New AdvantEdge clients see more cash, with increased consistency of cash flow.

Learn more about how AdvantEdge delivers superior OB/Gyn billing results.

Results and Information

Today’s practices and hospitals require increasing amounts of information from their coding and billing  with information needs escalating every day. In today’s world, that means PQRS, the Value- Based Modifier program, Meaningful Use. etc.  Tomorrow, it is clear that clinical quality and outcomes measures and payment information must be linked together —and not just for your group but for your group in partnership with your hospital(s) and payors


In this environment, practices and hospitals need business partners whose services include comprehensive informatics such as dashboards, data analytics, drill downs and, most importantly, the flexibility to adapt to the evolving requirements.


Unlike other OB/Gyn billing companies, AdvantEdge is also a technology company. That allows AdvantEdge to adapt rapidly to changing regulatory and customer requirements. And it empowers our clients with leading informatics through our InfoEdge portal and InfoEdgeBI business intelligence.


Learn more about AdvantEdge OB/Gyn billing informatics.


OB/Gyn Billing Partner

Our experience proves that the best medical billing outcomes occur when there is a strong partnership between your team and our team. This means communications, information sharing and complete transparency. We encourage and expect our customers to participate in as much of the process as they wish. At the same time, we want to remove administrative burdens from your practice and from your providers (learn more about  OB/Gyn practice management services). We work with each client to achieve the right balance.


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