Imaging Center Billing and Coding Services

AdvantEdge provides the best in imaging center billing services, coding, and accounts receivable management services with the latest technology, expert staff, and rigorous workflows optimize your practice revenue and cash flow.

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Does your practice experience any of these issues?

  • Collections are below expectations
  • Days in A/R are above 40.
  • Billing staff turnover is too high.

AdvantEdge assists imaging center practices in solving these problems every day.

Is your current billing service exceeding expectations?

Practices using other billing services often tell us:

  • Information isn’t available and/or is difficult to get
  • Reports don’t have the details needed to measure their practice
  • The account manager hasn’t contacted them in months

At AdvantEdge, we operate with a ClientFirst philosophy. Meaning we strive to view the world through your lens and respond accordingly and provide complete transparency into our work. The InfoEdge dashboard provides “anytime, anywhere” access to exactly what we’ve processed for you every day. And we have many other communications channels: coding feedback, compliance training, process improvement suggestions, etc.


If your current billing company isn’t delivering results, service and information, call us (877 501-1611) to learn why you can do much better!

Efficient and Effective Imaging Center Billing

Your RIS and/or PACS systems can be linked directly to AdvantEdge billing technology. If information is on paper, AdvantEdge workflow optimization makes your data is entered faster, with fewer errors. Sophisticated software automation speeds the entire billing cycle.

You get:

  • Service to billing intervals measured in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Increased collections from more accurate and comprehensive billing—all fully compliant.
  • Reduced billing costs.
  • Fewer days in A/R.

Is your In-house Billing Delivering What you Need? Efficiently?

Many imaging centers employ office staff to coordinate and process coding, billing, receipt posting and other aspects of billing.   These operations can be effective as long as investments in billing technologies are kept current and staff members are well trained. But we often see issues that reduce the effectiveness, and therefore cash flow. These include:

  • Staff turnover
  • Outdated or inflexible systems
  • Limited reporting capabilities

Even if these issues are not present, there may be cost issues that need to be reviewed and evaluated. Staff costs increase from year to year as salaries, benefits and other overheads continue to rise. At some point, it is essential to analyze the fixed (and increasing) expenses of in-house billing versus the downward trend in reimbursement. In contrast to the fixed and increasing expenses of an in-house operation, AdvantEdge billing services represent a predictable, variable cost that is directly proportional to your practice revenue. Of course, you retain complete control and visibility, including “anytime, anywhere” access to current practice financials. And you gain an expert coding and billing partner.


You can get a comprehensive view of current coding and billing effectiveness and costs with the Financial Performance Edge: a thorough, unbiased analysis of current results versus benchmarks. It assesses where revenue can be improved, costs reduced, cash flow accelerated and where there may be compliance risks. Call 877 501-1611 today to schedule yours!

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AdvantEdge imaging center coding and billing services include:

  • A comprehensive Interface Engine to obtain demographic information and imaging center reports from RIS, PACS and other systems.
  • Sophisticated Scan-Edge technology (if required for paper information).
  • Computer-assisted procedure and diagnosis coding supported by AdvantEdge Certified Coders.
  • Billing by experienced AdvantEdge staff.
  • Claims scrubbing.
  • Payment and EOB posting.
  • Accounts receivable management.
  • Denial management.
  • Contract management (e.g. monitoring underpayments).
  • Patient billing.
  • Patient web portal.
  • Referral to collections agency and posting of collections received.
  • A formal refund process.
  • Comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the InfoEdge dashboard and all reports.
  • Formal, comprehensive compliance program.
  • As required:
    • Credentialing (enrollment) services.
    • Managed care contracting.
  • Physician feedback and education on coding, compliance and other industry trends.
  • ClientFirst account management and support.