Office-Based Cardiology Billing

Better Billing for your Cardiology Office-based Practice

Where you are located and the staff you hire are essential to an effective and efficiently run practice. But other inefficiencies can hamper your cash flow —and profits.  Strong cash flow and profits depend on excellent billing and constant accounts receivable work. The more complex your environment, the more likely that your billing solution is not up to par and is costing you too much to maintain skilled billing staff and continually manage the billing and reimbursement process. At AdvantEdge, we do the work to give you: More Money, Faster.

Bottom-line Results for  Cardiology Office-based Practices

AdvantEdge serves many office-based cardiology physicians and practices. Once coming on board, each has experienced substantial increases in collections and reductions in Accounts Receivable.


Many cardiology office-based practices feel they are not able to maximize their collections and that pertinent information to manage the practice is not at their fingertips. If you face these or other issues, AdvantEdge practice management consultants can help and determine if our solution meets your unique practice needs. We are medical billing experts helping practices just like yours:

  • Increase collections by ten to thirty percent and more.
  • Reduce Days in A/R by seven days, ten days, and more.
  • Gain visibility and control over financial trends.


Does your EMR Help or Hurt your Billing Process?

Most  cardiology office-based practices have or are in the process of installing an EMR . While the patient records and clinical features of these systems are hopefully meeting your needs, many practices find that the billing capabilities are inadequate. You can have the “best of both worlds” by linking your EMR with our powerful billing solutions.  Since the skills and knowledge needed for the clinical space are widely divergent from those required for billing, many experts recommend this best-of-breed approach.


At the same time, some groups choose to keep the billing in their EMR but don’t have adequate in-house staff or skills to achieve top performance. In this case, the AdvantEdge team can use your EMR to attain the financial results you are looking for. Regardless of the approach you choose, AdvantEdge is ready to offer you a customized solution that matches your exact needs.