Cardiology Billing Software

Cardiology Billing Software Drives Collections and A/R

AdvantEdge uses powerful cardiology billing software that increases collections and improve A/R, at a cost that is less than most internal billing operations. We streamline work for our staff through ease of use, automation of routine tasks, and reminders when follow-ups are due. This means we have more time available to “zero in” on and resolve complex cases and denials.

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Some of the technical features are:

  • AdvantEdge cardiology billing software links directly to your EMR, ADT, and other systems  to download demographics and/or charge information. And EDI interfaces with a comprehensive list of payor are included.
  • Optimized cardiology workflows submit claims electronically the same day a charge is entered into the system and the batch verified. Payments are applied fast: electronically for carriers with automatic reconciliation and, for others, using procedures optimized for each payor.
  • Secondary claims—with electronic EOB attached—are filed the same day payments are posted from the primary payor. Denials and other payor responses are automatically queued for A/R team member follow-up. Capitation adjustments are done automatically.
  • Full electronic interfaces with all payor organizations instantly upload patient and procedure data, verify eligibility, determine specifics of coverage, submit claims, electronically adjudicate claims, negotiate electronic remittance, and achieve automated posting to line items on the original claim submission.
  • Denials are automatically routed to the right specialist for immediate attention.
  • A contracting module and analysis reports highlight underpayments for review by our A/R experts.
  • All transactions are recorded and fully journaled.



Powerful Cardiology Reporting and Dashboards

AdvantEdge offers industry-leading dashboards, reporting and business intelligence capabilities, often referred to as “informatics.” From a client perspective, this means you have exactly the information you require, on your schedule and in the format you prefer.


This approach is based on the AdvantEdge ClientFirst philosophy, viewing every situation through the client’s “lens.” One clear client imperative is visibility and transparency. For that reason, all forms of coding, billing and practice management data are readily available at any time.


The HIPAA-secure InfoEdge dashboard opens with a 13 month overview of Charges, Cash and Adjustments, volume (encounters and procedures) and A/R aging. As a user, you can then drill down on any of the data for more detail by payor class or individual payor, location, or physician for any available time period. If you wish, sub-groups can be set up within a practice (e.g. by specialty) and each sub-group’s information will be available for all of the drill downs. Any of the data can be exported to Excel at any time.




The InfoEdge dashboard uses a powerful and flexible security system so that each authorized user can see the data you specify, and only that data. For example, you can set it up so that an individual physician can see his or her information, but nothing else. Similarly, a location manager could see just their location information, etc.


The AdvantEdge InfoEdge portal is also where your reports are available at any time. They Reports are delivered automatically by our Virtual Manager software when you want them. Ad hoc reports and other HIPAA secure information can be delivered and received in the same manner.