NextGen Billing Services

NextGen is a popular EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system for larger clinics and practices. The system also has medical billing capabilities that are often used as well. Like most sophisticated systems, NextGen billing requires specific training, knowledge, and expertise. In some cases, practices, clinics and hospitals find that they have difficulty finding or keeping enough qualified billing staff and leadership.

The solution for these situations is the AdvantEdge NextGen billing service. The AdvantEdge NextGen team is trained and experienced in how to best use NextGen in a wide variety of billing situations and specialties. Knowledge of system setup, workflows and reporting are a few examples. In fact, AdvantEdge builds an entire revenue cycle management process into the service to assure that every dollar of reimbursement owed is collected.

As a result, AdvantEdge NextGen clients are assured of consistently strong cash flow and collections. At the same time, each client retains complete control with immediate visibility into results, a proactive AdvantEdge client manager available at any time and an entire AdvantEdge team dedicated to their success. In addition, AdvantEdge clients draw on the company’s deep expertise in compliance, billing regulations and specific payer requirements.

Coding, practice management and many other services are also available to further reduce the practice, clinic and hospital’s costs and administrative burden.

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