GE Centricity and IDX Billing

IDX  and more recently its GE Centricity successors have been used as practice management and EMR solutions by many hospitals. As a result, the systems are tightly integrated with hospital and hospital clinic operations. This includes the physician billing process.  Therefore, these hospitals and health systems face a continuing need for IDX/Centricity staff training, workflow optimization and much more.

Many hospitals prefer to have a partner perform the IDX billing so they can focus on clinical matters and patients. The AdvantEdge IDX/Centricity billing team is highly knowledgeable about how to optimize IDX Centricity workflows and setup because they work on these systems every day. Our experts will define clear roles and responsibilities between the hospital and AdvantEdge, and clarify which reports are important for each stakeholder. The AdvantEdge IDX/Centricity team works as an extension of your hospital team, working side by side on a daily basis.

As a result, physician reimbursement for our IDX Centricity clients is extremely strong and superior to hospital billing staff results. This is because our Centricity IDX team has one priority: achieving superior physician collections; often a hospital billing team faces many priorities.

If your hospital can’t train enough billing staff, faces turnover or if has too many priorities, our IDX Centricity billing services will provide a substantial increase in reimbursement and cash flow. Call 877 501-1611 now to learn how we can help.