Epic Billing

Epic is a popular EMR (electronic medical record) system for hospitals; it also has the ability to support “ambulatory” applications, meaning physicians and other providers seeing patients in clinics and other non-hospital settings. In some cases, hospitals have chosen to use Epic for their ambulatory physician billing. This requires training and maintaining Epic billing staff focused on the physician component.

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Whether as part of a new Epic installation or as a process improvement for an existing one, some hospitals prefer to focus on the clinical aspects and have a partner perform the billing. The AdvantEdge Epic billing team works on customer Epic systems every day and is highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of physician billing on Epic. They understand the workflows that are practical, how to define clear roles and responsibilities between the hospital and AdvantEdge, and which reports are important for each stakeholder. As a result, our Epic team works as an extension of your hospital team and has been involved from the early stages of Epic installs into continuing operations.

Physician reimbursement for our Epic clients continues to be extremely strong and superior to results obtained by hospital billing staff. This is because our Epic team focuses very clearly on achieving superior physician collections; often a hospital billing team has competing priorities.

If your hospital or group finds it challenging to hire or train enough Epic billing staff or if they face competing priorities, AdvantEdge Epic billing services can provide a substantial increase in reimbursement and cash flow. Call 877 501-1611 or email info@ahsrcm.com now to learn more.