Emergency Department Billing

Every day, Emergency Departments face coding and billing challenges. The ED automatically brings with it limited or missing demographic information for many emergency cases and an inability to collect patient responsible amounts in advance. In addition, many insurance companies routinely deny charges for simple procedures done in the ER: e.g. stitches or splints. Plus the challenge of whether X Rays and other tests are “billed first” by the ED physician or another specialist. As a result, emergency departments and their hospital partners look for a coding and billing partner with specific expertise in emergency departments; e.g. guidance on documentation and coding, strong appeals processes, etc.

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AdvantEdge delivers customized, expert emergency department billing and coding solutions to its clients. Plus complete practice management solutions for those who need them. AdvantEdge clients expect, and get, consistently strong collections results with net collection rates in the 90’s, Days in A/R in the 40’s and Days over 120 under 10%.

In addition, the AdvantEdge ClientFirst philosophy means responsive service, personalized workflows, education and feedback with an entire team focused on the ED’s success. A key part of this service is providing precisely the information required, anytime, anywhere. Reports, dashboards and business intelligence with current information for each stakeholder in your group and hospital are available anytime, anywhere from the AdvantEdge InfoEdge portal. Call us now on 877 501-1611 to arrange a demonstration.

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