Behavioral Health Coding Services

Coding for behavioral health services is generally done by the provider at the time of service or shortly thereafter. Traditionally, this has been done with DSM-IV codes. In 2013, the DSM-5 codes were introduced. For behavioral health billing purposes, the DSM codes are mapped to corresponding ICD codes. Traditionally, DSM-IV to ICD-9. In October of 2014, ICD-9 will be replaced by ICD-10. It is expected that many providers will be using DSM-5 by that point in time, which should assist with the mapping to ICD-10. However, there is no firm requirement or deadline for DSM-5, which means that both DSM-IV and DSM-5 codes will need to be mapped to ICD-10 starting in October.


In this complex coding environment, providers often look for training, coding reviews and other ways to improve their coding accuracy and compliance. AdvantEdge offers these behavioral health coding services and more. Since we deal with all aspects of behavioral health billing, our team is familiar with the many nuances that arise in daily practice. Our staff of certified coders are available to assist agencies with all aspects of behavioral health coding.


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