Medical Billing Control and Visibility

Issue: Limited control and visibility over billing results.

Solution 1: Practice Assessment

  • How does the information you receive compare to peer practices?
  • Are there bottlenecks preventing you from receiving information?
  • What is the most important missing information?

Answer these questions and more with a Practice Assessment.

Recommendations include specific short-term and longer-term areas for improvement and the impact they can have on your practice. Perhaps information is “locked” inside your system that can be broken loose. Or perhaps a change in workflow will provide better and more timely insights. Of course, older technology may be limiting your effectiveness.


Solution 2: Medical billing dashboards and reporting tailored for your practice

  • Does your practice need better visibility today?
  • Need to avoid another expensive technology investment?
  • Is your billing staff or billing company not able to provide what you need?

AHS offers each of its clients a customized dashboard, available any time, any where, with current collections and A/R results and drill-down to details. It also includes the complete set of reports you specify for your practice. Information can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Tell us what information you need:

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My biggest billing problem is
-Choose One-Collections are too low

Staff turnover is too high

Denials are too high

Too many days in A/R

Not enough visibility and control of results


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Other concerns and timing. When should we contact you (and what is the best way)?


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