Message from CEO David Langsam

Welcome to AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions and the AdvantEdge website. Each of us at AdvantEdge takes pride in listening to our clients and potential clients so that we can continue to improve our services. Our promise to each client is:

  • More money, faster.
  • Information anytime, anywhere.
  • Regulatory compliance,built-in.
  • ClientFirst service.

Every day, we focus on delivering this promise. We measure ourselves against the same yardsticks that our clients use. This starts with cash: are we collecting every dollar that each client is entitled to collect? Our performance is visible to clients every day with our AdvantEdge Analytics dashboard. And we make every attempt to respond timely and effectively to questions and problems. Of course, we do all of this with full awareness of the rules that our industry must live by.

As everyone knows, in this industry we are only as successful as our clients. Fortunately, our clients continue to enjoy financial success despite the challenging reimbursement environment we all face. We are proud to serve each of our clients and strive to meet and exceed expectations. If you are one of our clients, each of us thanks you for your trust in our services and our people.

Of course, one of the primary drivers of our clients’ success, and our firm’s success, is our expert billing staff. It gives me great pride to represent the team and I hope you get the chance to meet many of them.

Did you find the information you were looking for on our site? If not, I invite you to call or email us. We look forward to answering your questions and learning more about your concerns and issues.


David Langsam
President & CEO