Multi Specialty Billing

Multi-specialty groups are growing and expanding in order to meet patient and payer demands for more integrated care focused on better patient outcomes. At the same time, there is no formula or pattern for forming and operating a multi specialty group resulting in a wide variety of group sizes and specialty mixes. This diversity of needs means that billing and revenue cycle management for multi specialty groups requires flexibility combined with substantial billing depth in many specialties.


The AdvantEdge team has dealt with these issues for years and uses powerful technology designed specifically for the complex environment of multi specialty billing. This means that AdvantEdge can readily deal with multiple locations, multiple specialties, cost centers, payer contracts, etc.

Multi Specialty Billing Service: ClientFirst

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare world, hospital based multi specialty groups expect and require more than basic billing and coding. First, they need first-rate service to respond to questions and opportunities that arise such as hospital discussions about payer changes in reimbursement, hospital contract negotiations and potential ACO discussions. AdvantEdge ClientFirst service responds to these needs and many more. The AdvantEdge Client Manager is a partner to your multi specialty group, assisting the group to become or maintain a successful practice by proactively providing information and  insights, as well as being available to answer everyday questions at anytime.


Multi Specialty Billing Informatics

Financial information about a multi specialty group including productivity and quality metrics is captured by the revenue cycle process.  To effectively manage the group, multi specialty practice leaders need easy access to this data including reports, dashboards and downloads.  The AdvantEdge InfoEdge dashboard provides all of this and more:  real-time information on charges, adjustments, payments, volume, A/R and more.  In an easy-to-use, HIPAA-secure online portal with drill-downs, downloads and flexible time frames.
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