How does AdvantEdge Deliver Superior Results?


Medical billing companies usually implement the following steps:

  • Charge capture/entry
  • Claims filing
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting

Most billing companies also perform some Accounts Receivable work. At AdvantEdge, we take it much further and the results speak for their self’s. At AdvantEdge:


  1. Comprehensive EMR, ECC and hospital interfaces not only collect charge information quickly, they incorporate error correction and reconciliation processes to assure that every service performed is billed.
  2. All billing work is visible to clients on a daily basis.
  3. Coding is performed by AdvantEdge certified coders, assuring accurate and fully compliant billing. In addition to immediate clarification on unclear documentation, our coders provide regular feedback to improve physician documentation and, where desired, physician education classes.
  4. 99% of all the claims filed are accepted by the payor. Sophisticated claim edits assure that only clean claims are filed.
  5. All EOB information, including denial information, is posted along with Secondary claims are filed automatically as soon as primary payment is posted.
  6. A Patient statement is immediately issued if a patient balance exists after an insurance payment.
  7. Multiple patient payment options are available; online portal, phone or mail with the full variety of payment types available: credit card, check, e-check, etc.
  8. Denials are processed immediately by the appropriate specialist, based on the type of denial.
  9. Underpayments are identified and worked by an insurance specialist.
  10. Delays in payment from insurers or patients are processed by A/R follow-up experts.
  11. Comprehensive reporting and analysis is provided monthly and, where requested, on a daily and weekly basis.

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