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Whether you currently employ a medical billing company or are considering doing so, AHS billing services (“revenue cycle management”) must be considered. Our clients routinely see ten to forty-plus percent increases in collections and ten to fourteen day reductions in Days Outstanding in Accounts Receivable.

Note: some refer to these services as “outsourced” medical billing, which is technically correct (see Medical Billing Services 101). However, outsourced medical billing frequently can imply that the work is done by one or more third parties. In the case of AHS, all work is performed by AHS employees.

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AHS Medical Billing Services

AHS handles all of the “back office” functions. We enter claims, apply payer edits, monitor for compliance, submit claims to all payers, post payments and denials, automatically submit secondary claims, resolve denials and under-payments, and manage all A/R functions.

Rapid Capture of all Charge and Demographic Information

You can send charges via paper document (superbill), scan and electronically send documents, use a charge capture system, or enter charges into a workstation at the site of service. You can also download charges from your electronic medical record (EMR) system, RIS, PACS, etc. with an HL7 or other interface.

Customized billing services for your Practice

AHS staff is highly trained, certificated, and ready to meet your specific needs. We know that each office and each specialty has unique requirements. These are reflected in our personalized service. At the same time, our optimized and fully compliant workflow assures rapid and efficient processing of your claims, meaning you receive all of the reimbursements to which you are entitled—and in a timely manner.


ACOs: What Specialists Need to Know Now

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Complete Analysis and Reports

A full suite of AHS reports and analysis is available online, on your schedule.

AHS improves A/R by 14 days


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