Other Specialty Billing

Is your specialty group collecting every dollar it is owed? Are you getting the information needed to manage the practice now and prepare for ACO’s and “pay for performance” in the future? With superior service?


Specialty groups face unique challenges in today’s healthcare environment. The group has obligations to its patients and to its hospital partner(s). At the same time, each specialty has unique needs, requirements and priorities,  particularly true for coding and billing.



At AdvantEdge, we recognize these challenges and work with the group as a business partner to solve them. We pride ourselves in being more than a billing company: our healthcare business management solutions empower your group to be successful today…and tomorrow.


So whether you need assistance with a coding project today or a complex ACO reimbursement solution for tomorrow, we have the resources ready to help.


Customized specialty billing, coding and practice management solutions
Your practice and hospital require—and deserve—a billing process tailored to your exact needs. Among many other capabilities, our solutions include:

  • Technical capabilities to easily interface with your ADT, EMR, charge capture and other systems
  • Flexible processes that fit to your workflow with special attention to when and where your staff and physicians want to be involved
  • A full range of practice management services, if you need them
  • AdvantEdge people available when and where you need them


Billing Performance that Matters: Results, Results, Results
You expect your billing partner to deliver strong collections, every day. The core AdvantEdge systems and operating processes have a persistent focus on this mission.Results can be seen in metrics such as Net Collections Rate (mid to high 90’s), Days in A/R (low 30’s), Days over 120 (under 10%) and Bad Debt % (under 3%). More significant, however, are the results that show up in your bank account: monthly cash collected. New AdvantEdge clients see more cash, with increased stability of cash flow.Learn more about how AdvantEdge delivers top-notch specialty billing results.


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