Specialty Medical Billing Software

“This is the first, true practice management system I’ve seen.”

– NJ Practice Executive

Is growth in your specialty practice making it hard for your billing department to keep up? Are billing costs growing faster than revenue? Does your billing staff struggle to work open A/R every day? Are routine tasks taking too long? Is your software getting stale? Costing too much? If you need to solve any of these problems, AHS can help.


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Efficient and effective specialty billing software

AHS specialty billing software will make life simpler and more efficient for your medical billing staff, while it lowers your billing costs. Staff efficiencies result from the ease of use, automation of routine tasks, and reminders when follow-ups are required. The increased time available to work on and resolve complex cases and denials generates efficiencies and improved collections. Practice owners will appreciate the increase in collections, improved A/R—and costs that fit your unique specialty practice.

AHS specialty billing software links directly to your ADT, ECC, and other hospital systems to download demographics and/or charge information. EDI interfaces with a comprehensive list of payers are included.

You get:

  • Improved staff productivity: typically 30% to 70% or more
  • Reduced billing costs
  • Better management information to run your practice
  • Increased collections from more time and better tools to work denials and A/R.
  • Decreased days in A/R.

AHS is the exclusive IBM VIP partner for physician billing. This translates to reliable, “future proof” technology and technology partners who assure your specialty practice of a stable, productive path to the future.


ACOs: What Specialists Need to Know Now

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Specialty billing software features

Comprehensive and fully compliant specialty billing and A/R software and hardware solution

  • Delivered as a service (“ASP” or “SaaS”), completely supported in the AHS data center, including daily backups, UPS power protection, and network monitoring
  • An option for large practices is an onsite IBM System i server

High-productivity specialty billing workflow

  • Efficient charge entry and posting, electronic claims submissions, electronic EOB posting, denial processing, automatic submission of secondary claims, A/R tracking and management, and comprehensive visibility to all exceptions
  • Tables, master files, and setup questions that tailor automation and edits to your specific needs
  • All transactions recorded and fully journalized
  • Ability to schedule patients, rooms and equipment

Complete training and support

  • Initial setup and cutover training and advice
  • Workflow based training modules: charge entry, EOB processing, A/R management and follow-up
  • Business hours telephone support
  • Optional workshops and/or training for your staff

Specialty reporting and dashboards

  • Extensive list of reports available on screen and printed
  • Dashboard summary information and displays


ICD-10 Impact and Benefits for Your Practice

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Specialty Billing Services and Co-sourcing Options

Are practice overheads growing? Is staff turnover high? Consider AHS specialty billing services. We can tailor a set of services to optimize your staff productivity and minimize overheads with the perfect combination of services and software for your practice. Call us (908 279-8120) to see how we can help you increase collections and reduce days in Accounts Receivable—while, at the same time, reduce overhead costs and distractions. As with all of our service and software options, you have constant visibility and control.


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