Hospital Based Billing for Physician Practices

Is your hospital-based practice or hospital collecting every dollar it is entitled to? Do you have the information to manage the practice readily at hand? If not, AdvantEdge can help. We are medical billing experts who have helped practices just like yours:

  • Increase collections by ten percent and more.
  • Reduce Days in A/R by five days, ten days, and more.
  • Gain visibility and control over financial trends.

Your hospital provides unique and differentiated support for your employed and affiliated physicians. But it also means a complex billing and reimbursement environment. This complexity means most billing solutions perform poorly—or cost too much.  At AdvantEdge, we specialize in serving hospital-based physicians. And our focus, demonstrated every day for each client is: More Money, Faster.


Hospital-based Billing Results

AdvantEdge serves a wide variety of hospital-based physicians, practices and hospitals. AdvantEdge consultants can help you determine whether our services will improve your results and, if so, by how much. Contact AdvantEdge or call 877 501-1611 now for more information.
Our billing services includes coding, demographic and charge entry, claims editing, submission and analysis, payment posting, denial management, A/R management, patient billing and service, comprehensive reporting, dashboards and business intelligence. You get:

  • Improved collections
  • Reduced Days in Accounts Receivable
  • Better insight into the cost of care and how to negotiate future contracts
  • ClientFirst service

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