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AHS Virtual Manager is a complete workflow solution for medical billing companies. It is designed to optimize productivity and results. Charges and patient demographics can be captured electronically (via practice-site workstation, charge capture system, interfaces with EMR’s/EHRs, and/or scanning systems) or entered from paper superbills. For hospital-based practices, a full suite of HL7 interfaces is supported for ADT, EMR, laboratory and RIS systems. Paper documents are scanned once, then available throughout the workflow.


ACOs: What Specialists Need to Know Now

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Advanced Billing Company Software

Each piece of information is entered once: and immediately available throughout your work process. For example, by entering new insurance coverage for a patient effective on January 1, all claims for services after that date are automatically updated while claims for services on earlier dates remain on the previous coverage. Enter the insurance information once: no other staff work is required. Even if post-January charges have already been billed.


What Specialists need to know about EMRs



Rapid Charge Entry and Analysis

Charge entry and billing are facilitated by sophisticated edits, fast access to all relevant documents, and logic based on medical specialty. Each batch is tracked and reconciled, assuring that no claims are missed. At any point, you can view a full range of reports and analysis (on screen or printed).

Comprehensive Electronic Interfaces with Payers

Once a batch is complete, claims are submitted electronically via EDI (837 transactions). Just as importantly, electronic remittance and EOB’s (835 transactions) are posted automatically. Accounts Receivable information is up-to-date with no delays. Similarly, claim status is received electronically (276, 277 transactions). Eligibility (270, 271 transactions) and utilization information (277, 278 transactions) is also available electronically.


ICD-10 Implementation Roadmap

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Automation Highlights Exceptions

With routine transactions heavily automated, exceptions can get the attention needed. Errors in charges and claims, denials from payers, and A/R exceptions are automatically captured and routed to the appropriate staff person. Exceptions are flagged for your supervisors. They can easily assign or re-assign work to specific staff members for resolution. This “80/20” philosophy underpins the entire workflow: streamline and automate routine steps and help your staff solve the difficult tasks quickly.

Powerful Reporting and Analysis

A wide variety of reports are readily available to you and your customers. Each is delivered automatically on the schedule you set.


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