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UNITEDHEALTHCARE – Updates to Facility Outpatient Grouper Mapping

  5/16/2013 – Effective July 1, 2013,  UnitedHealthcare, after review of the following codes against national guidelines, determined they could be appropriately billed and reimbursed as outpatient procedures in hospitals and ASCs when ordered by a physician. 22548 – Arthrodesis, anterior transoral or extraoral technique, clivus-C1-C2 (atlas-axis), with or without excision of odontoid process. 32096 […]

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PA – PENNSYLVANIA MEDICAID – Updates to Surgical Fee Schedule

  5/16/2013 - The Pennsylvania Medicaid bulletin issued on April 15, 2013 announced changes to the Medical Assistance (MA) Program fee schedule. These changes are effective for dates of service on and after April 15, 2013. The Bulletin contains the following changes related to surgical coding. Surgical codes that will have POS (place of service) […]

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2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule – Surgery

11/14/2012- On November 1, 2012, CMS released the 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) final rule with comment, which modified or finalized the proposed fee schedule rule released in July 2012. Here are some of the general provisions of the 2013 MPFS, followed by provisions specific to surgeons. SGR and the 2013 Fee Adjustments If Congress […]

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