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Physicians and their medical billing partners face many challenges to bill and collect every dollar to which a practice is entitled. The third-party payer reimbursement process is complex and time-consuming, government and industry regularly push initiatives to control the rising cost of healthcare, patient responsibilities are growing with High Deductible Health Plans at the same time that economic trends are increasing bad debt and late payments, and the entire industry must deal with the many aspects of Health Care Reform.


Information technology is critical to meet these challenges. But technology is advancing so quickly that most practices cannot keep up. Physicians, after all, want to concentrate on providing quality care and services. They do not want to be systems developers or pioneers of new medical billing technology, nor can most afford to do so. Professional billing companies like AdvantEdge respond to this need with comprehensive medical billing services which remove technology, administrative, and cost burdens while assuring that revenue is maximized, consistent with govennment and payor rules and regulations.

AdvantEdge: 30 Years of Client Success in Medical Billing

With thirty years developing and perfecting billing technology, twenty years on the powerful IBM System i, and a complete team of coding, billing, practice management, and compliance professionals, AdvantEdge provides clients with more revenue and reduced A/R. All with secure regulatory compliance.

The AdvantEdge promise to clients is:

  • More money, faster.
  • Information anytime, anywhere.
  • Regulatory compliance, built-in.
  • ClientFirst service.

Medical Billing Expertise

AdvantEdge medical billing staff is highly experienced including specialists in radiology billing, anesthesia billing, pathology billing, multi-specialty billing, behavioral health billing, and many other specialties. Many staff members have twenty or more years experience in the industry and each person is used to staying on top of ever-changing regulations and payor “rules”. Professional coding staff members are all CPC-certified. Each staff member receives updated training on a regular basis including compliance, regulatory updates, procedure and diagnosis code changes, and much more.

Medical Billing Technology

AdvantEdge is not only the developer but also the largest user of its own technology.

The company’s 600+ staff members understand the day-to-day reality of physician billing, and it is clearly reflected in the Virtual Manager software. The software is based on an optimized workflow that drives staff productivity. This means that AdvantEdge billing staff have both the time and the tools to work difficult denials, thereby increasing client revenue. With net collections consistently in the mid to high 90’s and Days in A/R in the low thirties and current information easily available to clients in the InfoEdge dashboard, AdvantEdge clients enjoy the benefits of the sophisticated AdvantEdge technology.

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